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The project Omaha Stories: Oral Histories of Omaha, Nebraska shares the stories of the people of Omaha through oral history interviews. 


Do You Know...? Is This You?

Dozens of people were interviewed by University of Nebraska at Omaha History students taking courses with Prof. Michael Tate in the 1970s. We want to reunite these narrators with the audio recordings of their oral history interviews that share their personal stories. UNO Libraries' Archives & Special Collections has digitized the audio cassettes and is in the processing of describing each interview to enable access to the audio recordings.

Many of the people interviewed were living in Omaha at the time of their interview. We know that many of the people interviewed are Native American, some are immigrants, and we have more to learn about all of these individuals.


Do you know someone on our list? Contact Director of Archives & Special Collections Amy Schindler (402.554.6046, acschindler@unomaha.edu).


List of 1970s Oral History Interviews

Cordelia Attack Him, Sioux

Dolores Barrio

Helen Beal

Harold Becker

Ethel Bennett

Wilbur Black

Rol Bradford, Oglala Sioux -- In contact with narrator or family member

Regina Brave, Sioux

Fred Buckles, Sioux and Assiniboine

Harold Buscher

David Conley

Regie Cedarface

Mitchel Cegielski

Anastasia Dobney

Mary Douchey

Stanley Dygas

Inga Eberhart

Herman A. Eggert

Mrs. Oscar Elge

Al Fast Horse, Sioux -- In contact with narrator or family member

Stanley Fidler

Doris Richardson Finlay

Lydia W. Free, Winnebago

Jay Furlong

Donald Gehr, Sr.

Martha Gibbs, Cherokee

Ray Gilbreath

Alfred Gilpin, Omaha

Gordon Glad

Mildred M. Gray

Daniel R. Gruenig

G. Ruth Harpster

Madeline Haury

Orne Hensley

James Hogner, Sioux

Schuyler Houser, Santee Sioux

Vard Johnson

Marjorie Keiser

Steve Kemper

Willard E. Kentner

Richard J. Kerrigan

George Kielak

Ruth Klass

Lottie Kubicki

Tom La Blanc, Sisseton Sioux

Don La Pointe, Santee Sioux

Leonard Lancaster

Hazel Livingston

Frank Love, Omaha -- In contact with narrator or family member

Alex Lunderman, Sioux

Mrs. Lynch

Father Paul Manhart

Tom Marchese, Jr., Yankton Sioux

Reverend Patrick McCaslin

Wallace McClellan, Sac and Fox

Mac McLaughlin

Francis Merrell

James Moore

Sam Moves Camp, Sioux

Eva J. Nichols, Sioux

Mrs. Ogurek

Andrea Olivo, Omaha

Peter J. Peters

Art Petersen

Connie Peterson

Ralph Preston, Omaha

Roman Pulcelik

John W. Reicks

Amy Ruth Richardson, Chippewa

William J. Riedman

Betty Robertson

William Robinson

Sister Anita Rolenc

Carol Rolfson

Margery Rosenthal

Oscar Schmid

Mary and Fred Schurke

Mr. and Mrs. Shallcross

Daniel Sheehan

Sterling Snake, Winnebago

Earl G. Stormo

Edward Sweeney

Almon Tibbetts

Albert Trimble, Oglala Sioux

Doris Tucker

Gayla Twiss

The Walking Bulls

Judge Warren K. Urbom

Mrs. Donald S. Umatum

Alfrieda Ware, Seneca

James F. Welsh

Felix White, Sr., Winnebago

Philip White Hawk, Cherokee

Hon. James Wilson

Father Edward Witczak